Welcome to the Foothills Farm web pages, if you like gourds and gourd crafts, we hope that you will be able to find the types of gourds you would like to have.  If you are a beginning gourd crafter, please let us help you deciding which gourds would be right for you.  We have gourds that you can paint, varnish, stain, cut, carve, chip and woodburn.  You make gourds into birdhouses, dolls, musical instruments, toys, jewelry, holiday figures, Christmas ornaments and scenes, dioramas, bowls, ladles, southwestern and native American art, African art and folk art.  Gourds are inexpensive to buy and easy to work with.  Please look over our other gourd web pages including "Ginny's Crafts" to get ideas about gourd art and crafting.

If you would like to visit our gourd farm, please take the pleasant trip through the hills of east central Ohio where we welcome visitors to our farm, where you not only will see over sixty varieties and tens of thousands of dry gourds but we also have a short Gourd Tour" which includes viewing the many types of dry gourds and seeing a "Gourd Artist Workshop" with many different types of "Gourd Arts and Crafts".  Tens of thousands and sixty varieties of dry gourds for crafting are available in our sales room, gourd barn and greenhouses.  Retail hours are by appointment M-F, Sat-Sun 1-6.  Since we may be gone to work, Farmer's Markets, Gourd Shows and other events, please call ahead to confirm that we will be at our farm at our phone number 877-346-8445For wholesale customers, a sales tax vendor's ID number and form is required.  All customers to our farm will be charged Ohio sales tax without this information.

If you cannot visit our gourd farm, we have been shipping gourds by mail order for eight years to all states, Canada, England, Scotland, Finland, Germany, Spain and Portugal.  If you are looking for Dry Gourds, please click on the Dry Gourds web page which lists over sixty varieties of dried gourds for sale which shows types, pictures of the gourds, price, sizes and availability.  We can just ship one gourd or over 1,000 gourds in any variety, types and sizes around the world.  Please call our phone number at 877-346-8445 to order or for more information.  Canadian, United Kingdom and European Union Customers, we will make the currency conversions at time of sale.

If you looking for many varieties of Gourd Seed for Sale, please click on the Gourd Seed web page .  We can ship to most countries overseas.  All of our Gourd Seed is "Open Pollinated (Field Pollinated) which means there can be some variation in type. Postage and handling is extra.

If you looking for pictures of Gourd Crafts or Gourd Crafts for Sale, please click on Ginny's Crafts.  Some of these gourd crafts have immediate availability for shipment.





 Tens of Thousands of Dry Gourds
Tens of Thousands of Dry Gourds

400 feet of Drying Gourds
400 feet of Drying Gourds


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