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Gourd Crafts

The first part of the tour is showing of the different types of gourd crafts.  These gourd crafts have many different techniques including plain gourds, gourds with a clear finish, gourds that are painted, gourds that are wood burned, gourds that chipped or gouged and gourds that are carved.  Gourds are made into many different types such as birdhouse and feeders, toys, bowls, pitchers, masks, dolls, holidays, Christmas, dippers, hats and animals.  Please click on pictures to enlarge.

The first part of the tour is the Trophy Cases

These Trophies are from the Gourd Shows and State Fair

There is several different examples of gourd crafting on this display

These are more gourd crafts

In an other room is even more gourd crafts Several examples of bowls First example of a gourd wreath This gourd wreath also has dry flowers with it

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Gourd Workshop and Tools

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