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Gourd Workshop

This part of tour is the Gourd Workshop.  Within the workshop is many different tools for gourd crafting such as mini jig saws, power drills, rotary drill, small hand saws, files, gouging tools, gourd vise, paints, stains and gourd books.  The workshop is 16 by 14 feet and dedicated to gourd crafting.  Please click on the pictures to enlarge.
This part of the workshop is the many cabinets used to store all the items used in gourd crafting such as paints, stains and tools This is the bench that is used for craft work.  This bench has over 5 electrical outlets so that several tools could be plugged in at the same time This is Virginia's computer where she receives her email and goes on the internet for more gourd ideas This is a small gourd library with many reference books and almost all of the various state gourds chapters newsletters

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